Sarah Leonard

Sarah is a comic loving junkie who takes pride in her nerd-ism. Growing up, she found herself drawn to the Batman comics and Philadelphia Sports. You never see her without a comic book or camera in her hand. Sarah loves photography, comics, and her family more than anything else in the world. <3

Fan Fest Fuzzies: Remembering Steve Irwin

Today would have been Steve Irwin's 55th birthday.  We all remember him as the 'Crocodile Hunter.'  The man who hopped on the backs of crocodiles to be able to transport them.  He was a brave man.  I never would have the guts to do that. Image: Today Show   His daughter Bindi posted on Instagram today remembering her late father.   Steve's son, Robert Irwin, was recently on Jimmy Fallon.  Let me tell you how much he reminds me of his father.  His love of animals and enthusiasm really...
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