Nick Floyd

Director, Media Development and Production
I'm Nick. I'm a filmmaker. I have an extensive DVD Collection, my iTunes consists of over 10,000 songs, I still don't "get" INCEPTION and I used to feed Fruit Loops to horses when I was 3 years of age.

Fan Fest Presents: Ernest Scared Stupid

He's gone to school, jail, and Africa, and now one of Ernests most beloved films is coming back to the big screen! Watch Ernest Scared Stupid with director/creator John Cherry on June 17th at The Franklin Factory in Franklin, TN. Following the screening of the film, there will be a Q&A with John Cherry and Coke Sams (Writer/Producer). These guys have so many gutbustingly funny stories from the set of the film, as well as the many other Ernest films. Audience questions will be welcome! Arrive early to snag photos...

Behind The Video: The Nightly Nerd w/ Bailey Hyneman

Nick: Alright, lets get down to the nitty gritty…who’s your favorite superhero? Why? Bailey: Wonder Woman. Because, who run the world? Girls. Nick: Did you just quote Beyonce? Bailey: I did. I think Beyonce should have her own superhero. Nick: What would her superhero name be? She obviously can’t go by ‘Beyonce.’ Everyone would know her true identity. Bailey: Uh….'Yonce. Nick: What’s an internet meme that you last obsessed over? Bailey: Oh! I love the “YAS KWEEN” memes. I just discovered it and I literally walk around my apartment saying...

Fan Fest Originals: Down ‘N Dirty w/ Kyla Kenedy (Episode 101)

It excites me to present to you our brand new original series: Down 'N Dirty w/ Kyla Kenedy. Kyla Kenedy (The Walking Dead) interviews some of hollywoods finest in this exclusive series utilizing improvisational and situational comedy. Everything you're seeing is completely unscripted and on-the- spot. On our debut episode, Kyla interviews fan-favorite, Josh McDermitt (The Walking Dead). The two talk all things hair, behind the scenes and have a spelling contest.   Do wn 'N Dirty w/ Kyla Kenedy. Mondays 6/5 c....

Behind The Video: Spoiler Alert w/ Andy D

With the launch and premier of’s first original video, Spoiler Alert, director Nick Floyd decided to sit down with Andy D to discuss the inception of the idea, the writing process and other geeky stuff. NICK: Tell me a little bit about Andy D and V. ANDY D: I’m Andy D, and ‘V’ is my wife Victoria. A couple musicians who are a couple. We’ve toured the entire country . We’ve toured full time for about 3 years, went to Europe twice (with the band Electric Six) and...

Flight of the Conchords return to the US

After a long break away from touring and music to take time with their families and explore many facets of the film/television industry, New Zealand's heartthrobs Brett McKenzie and Jemaine Clement will reunite for a 28-city North American tour titled: Flight Of The Conchords Sing The Flight Of The Conchords. The show will feature new material, as well as the charm and wit we all know and love.   I was lucky enough to catch one of their shows in Orlando, FL in 2009, and I could not recommend it...

Fan Fest Originals: Spoiler Alert (Exclusive Premiere) is more than just an entertainment news is home to a plethora of original content that will roll out over the course of each year. I'm super excited to premiere our FIRST EVER original song/music video created in collaboration with Indianapolis-based rapper/party extraordinaire: Andy D. *THIS SONG/VIDEO DOES CONTAIN SPOILERS*   Ch eck back tomorrow for an EXCLUSIVE interview with Andy D....

A Year In Review (Worst of 2015)

Image: HBO 10. True Detective (Season 2) I was a huge fan of the extremely powerful and eerie first season of this show. Cary Fukunaga (the director of Season 1) moved on to direct one of my favorite films of 2015, Beasts of No Nation, while Justin Lin (Fast and Furious) took the reigns of the first couple episodes of Season 2. The star power is present on screen with names like Colin Farrell, Taylor Kitsch, Vince Vaughn and Rachel McAdams…but, the writing was lacking from the shows creator Nic...

The Revenant (2015) Film Review

"BEAUTY & THE BEAST" Likes: Leonardo DiCaprio, Survival & Revenge Films, True Stories Dislikes: Excessive Film Running Times, Birdman (2014) From the moment the first frame hits the silver screen, you’re fully aware what lies ahead on this journey you’ll be taking for the next 2 hours and 36 minutes. Beautifully constructed and reflective shots with a hint of brutality scattered amongst them, all wrapped together with a haunting monologue recited in Pawnee by our captivating lead, Hugh Glass (played by Leonardo DiCaprio). This is only just the start of...

Box Office Billions

A Look Back at Film Successes of 2015 “A million dollars isn’t cool…you know what is? 11 billion dollars.” 35 years ago moviegoers were all dressed up and lining up for days to see Empire Strikes Back at their local cinema (sound familiar?) for a mere $2.69 per ticket. Empire went on to push the 1980 yearly box office to around $2.7 billion. It’s now 2016. Movie tickets cost around $9; but, you have options (IMAX, Big D, D-Box, 3D, exclusive engagements, etc). But, the staggering number that comes straight...
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