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Will King Arthur Rule Again?

It seems I’m a little behind the eight ball about King Arthur: Legend of the Sword but it’s upcoming release date and an updated interview with Guy Ritchie by Entertainment Weekly warrants the movie a little attention. It is very Guy Ritchie-esque (think Snatch, Sherlock Holmes and Lock,...

Westworld: Episode 3 Recap

Episode three of Westworld was a little… lackluster.  The episode seemed to be setting the stage for greater things and left viewers maybe more confused than before. As a point of dark humor,Teddy only dies twice in this episode! On to the semi-chronological summary of this Sunday’s episode,...

Westworld: Episode two recap.

**Spoiler Alert**   There are a couple of quick summaries we can get out of the way: Ed Harris is still killing a crap-ton (it’s a legit unit of measure) of hosts but before he kills off another group he says he was “born here,” meaning Westworld.  What that exactly entails...