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Lesley enjoys sharing her favorite entertainment with the world. Views are her own and eclectic and fueled by coffee. She likes her heroes and her comedy dark.

Review of ‘Beatriz at Dinner’: When an Inconvenient Truth Comes to Dinner

Salma Hayek plays Beatriz, an immigrant from a poor Mexican town, who was pulled towards a career as a holistic health practitioner by her innate kindness. Doug Strutt, played by John Lithgow is a smug, real estate mogul. Fate brings the two together at a dinner party, in a cultural and political collision that leaves audience shifting uncomfortably in their seats. Beatriz has taken on Cathy as a massage client. The caregiver helped strengthen Cathy’s daughter after cancer treatments. Cathy’s grateful to Beatriz and really believes the work she does...
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‘American Gods’ Recap “Lemon Scented You”

In “Lemon Scented You” Shadow has to face Laura and all her deadness and Mr. World attempts to negotiate with Wednesday in the war between old and new. Shadow arrives at the hotel and has a heart to heart with Laura. She sends him to get cigarettes when talk becomes too uncomfortable. He comes back to Laura in a bath, to warm her dead-to-the-touch skin. Shadow can see her autopsy scars. She can’t taste her cigarettes, but when she kisses Shadow her heart beats – just once. She knows nothing...
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‘Animal Kingdom’ – 5 Manipulative Smurf Moments

WARNING: This entire article contains major SPOILERS from Animal Kingdom Season One. Animal Kingdom will be back for Season Two, May 30th on TNT. To warm fans up, we’ll do a quick piece each week until the premier. Since this Sunday is Mother’s Day, let’s show Smurf some appreciation. On Animal Kingdom, Ellen Barkin plays the family matriarch, Smurf. How does she keep all these boys, who are twice her size, in line? The same way every mom does - guilt and manipulation. She however goes a little overboard. In the...
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