Kyle Schlaack

Kyle was born and raised a nerd, as a toddler she would watch Batman on repeat and we are not going to say that did something to her brain...but it might have. These days she is a TV/Movie junkie with a side of comic obsession. Now that she has found this incredible outlet to share her nerdy perspective on movies and TV shows she can stop pestering her husband and animals with superhero business!

I didn’t know why Negan didn’t scare me-now I know

For seven seasons the creative team of The Walking Dead has kept its audience on the edge of it seats. Between the artfully done terrifying zombies and the horrifically brutal humans there is never a dull moment on the show. This show has proven that while the zombie herds are nightmare inducing, the truly most terrifying part of the show are the humans that are left in the world. While watching the last episode of season 6 the desperation that you feel from all the character just trying to get past...

Flash Villains from Screen to Page: Pied Piper

Of all the comic book heroes The Flash has the most diverse group of villains, so far we have compared four of those colorful villains to their comic book inspirations. Some have had very similar powers and personality, while some really only take the name of the characters we have read about in our comic books. This time we are going to look at a character that the creative team over at CW has crafted to be both unique while still pay homage to his comic book counter part; Hartley Rathaway...

New Wonder Woman Trailer

Warner Brothers has released a new trailer for the ground breaking Wonder Woman film. The trailer starts with Diana...
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