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Kyle was born and raised a nerd, as a toddler she would watch Batman on repeat and we are not going to say that did something to her brain...but it might have. These days she is a TV/Movie junkie with a side of comic obsession. Now that she has found this incredible outlet to share her nerdy perspective on movies and TV shows she can stop pestering her husband and animals with superhero business!


The countdown clock has reached single digits, with just 9 days until the early showings of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice everyone across the world is waiting to see the titans battle it out. My best hope is that Wonder Woman shows up and smacks them both in the head, but we shall see! With all the footage and posters of the DC Trinity released this year we have no question that our superheroes look wonderful. Though we know Aquaman will be in the film the role has been...
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All three CW DC shows have released the synopsis for episodes that bring back friends and foes we have lost along the way...or were incarcerated. We start with The Flash who is going to get a time travel episode!! On March 29th Barry will return to his recent past and have to talk with Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne. Barry will also have to struggle with seeing Eddie Thawne, who saved everyone from his crazy relative last season. No trip to the past can be complete without a complication and that is...


Harley Quinn was first introduced as the clown prince of crime's girlfriend in Batman: The Animated Series. From the moment she appeared she has been a fan favorite, getting several solo stories along with team up comics. In her first appearance and for a while afterwards she was depicted in a red and black court jesters outfit. In some comics you see her in a corset and pants/shorts, and in the Arkham series we saw a spin on that with a corset dress. Whatever she is wearing fans are always...
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This is the pilot episode of A&E's new Drama/Horror show, that follows the life of Damien Thorn as he comes to realize that he is the anti- christ. Damien Thorn was first introduced in the 1976 classic The Omen as a five year old boy to whom death followed closely. Two feature films and a TV movie were made in the years that followed, but this show takes place as if they did not. The only cannon events for this TV show are the original movie. Just thought that was...

In brightest day, and blackest night we will wait for Green Lantern’s light

When the extended DC cinematic universe was announced fans found out that in 2020 we would get a Green Lantern movie. During the CW Dawn of the Justice League special hosted by Kevin Smith and Chief Creative Officer at DC Comics Geoff Johns, we discovered that the 2020 movie would be a Green Lantern Corp movie! Since then everyone has been waiting for casting news on who will be wearing the green power rings. In a giant Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice interview with Entertainment Weekly, stars of the...

Joseph Gordon- Levitt says goodbye to “The Sandman”

The Sandman is a beloved comic written by Neil Gaiman that started its run in 1989. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and David Goyer made a deal with Warner Brothers to adapt the beloved Vertigo classic and brought Neil Gaiman on as an executive producer. In a world of comic book movies to see one that isn't about cape wearing super heroes will be a nice change of pace. Though the movie is still in the early stages of development fans of the comic are waiting patiently for the movie. Unfortunately Joseph Gordon-Levitt...

Christian Bale’s Thoughts About His Time as Batman

We are weeks away from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Yahoo sat down with the Dark Knight himself Christian Bale to talk about an upcoming film and while there they discussed his time under the cowl. Playing a character as complex as Bruce Wayne presents its own set of difficulty, then adding that you have to wear a Batman costume has to be challenging to stay in character and maintain the level of intensity that Bruce Wayne/Batman require. The general consensus is that Christian Bale nailed the caped crusader...
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Will the Emerald Archer meet the Girl of Steel?

Now that we have seen pictures of Grant Gustin in costume on the set of Supergirl the big question is will we see Stephen Amell don the hood in National City? The duality of the two characters would be a gift to behold; even though Oliver has turned over a new leaf and is trying to be a better version of himself inherently he is still on the cynical side, where Kara sees the best in every person. Plus if Oliver is there we have to hope Diggle is there...
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