Kyle Schlaack

Kyle was born and raised a nerd, as a toddler she would watch Batman on repeat and we are not going to say that did something to her brain...but it might have. These days she is a TV/Movie junkie with a side of comic obsession. Now that she has found this incredible outlet to share her nerdy perspective on movies and TV shows she can stop pestering her husband and animals with superhero business!

Taking a Second Look at “Jay Garrick”

Every Tuesday we get one episode closer to the end of season 3 of The Flash and while this season has been as fantastic as the others, I keep coming back to season 2. I have watched it on Netflix more then a couple times, mostly because it is just easy to watch before bed. I love to re watch a series, it is so interesting to see the foreshadowing that the writers leave here and there. During season one of the Flash we discovered very early that some how Harrison...

History Channel Isn’t Done With Travis Fimmel Yet

History Channel has announced that they will be teaming up with Travis Fimmel of Vikings fame and Atlas Entertainment who brought us Warcraft, to bring a scripted anthology series about Wyatt Earp and other famous sinners from throughout History. The project is about as much Travis Fimmel as you can imagine, he is signed on as an executive producer, he wrote the first episode, and will be starring as Earp. In the first installment of the series you will see the complicated relationship Earp had with other infamous characters in...
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