Jerrold Reber

Jerrold spent his childhood in southeastern Pennsylvania ingesting far too many TV shows and movies, thus creating a stark-raving mad geek. He’s a movie aficionado, binge-watches Netflix, and is a total TV junkie. His addiction has led to an unhealthy and rabid obsession of various geek pantheons – Star Trek, Star Wars, both DC *AND* Marvel, cult 80's and 90's television, Supernatural, The X-Files, Doctor Who, and, and...holy overload. He's still waiting to run away in a 1967 Impala or a blue police box.

‘The Golden Circle’ Is The Perfect Escapist Fare To Cap The Summer

First things first. Whatever you see critics saying, they could not be more wrong about the inventive yet wholly outlandish sequel that I just witnessed in glorious FTX. (It's like IMAX, but not as costly and just as bombastic.) See, earlier this week, as the first reviews trickled in for Matthew Vaughn's Kingsman: The Golden Circle, I found myself snickering to myself. I love myself a good popcorn movie, especially when you can't find a single ounce of fun at the box office and movie-goers demand a film to lift their...

Lucasfilm Doesn’t Have A Creative Problem – Stop Hiring The Wrong Directors!

“Stark Raving Fan” is a column about one man’s love for all things involving popular culture – television, movies, and all facets of pop culture from here to there. Of course, it’s not the kind of love that unite a group of people like a bunch of hippies. More like the kind of love someone has when they’ve blown a gasket and have something to say. After all, aren’t we all just driven mad by fanaticism sometimes? Sing it with me now. You ready? I'm ready. Ooh, ooh, ooh. Another one...
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