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YouTube Spotlight : John and Hank Green ‘Vlogbrothers’

One of the "originals" on YouTube is the fantastic channel Vlogbrothers created by brothers John and Hank Green. These two began the channel back in 2007 and have grown extremely while branching out all over YouTube with a ton of different channels. The channel operates as a conversation between Hank and John with every video ending with a "see you on Tuesday, or Friday". John does his videos on Tuesday and Hank does his on Friday. They don't really like to adhere to a certain theme so one day they can...

FanFest’s New Artist Of The Month For September – Dua Lipa

I was lucky enough to see Dua Lipa open up for Troye Sivan a while ago so I was exposed to her musical greatness pretty early on. She has an incredible voice, but also had terrific stage presence while singing the anthems that ended up releasing onto her debut self-titled album. Like a lot of artists in this generation, she started off by posting covers on YouTube. If you want to catch her live you'll have to go see Bruno Mars at Madison Square Garden as she'll be opening up for him on September...

Anthony Padilla Leaves ‘Smosh’ on YouTube

This one is heartbreaking YouTube fans. Anthony Padilla 1/2 of one of the most popular, fun YouTube channel Smosh has decided to leave the channel and become an independent creator on his own channel. Here's the farewell video featuring Ian and Anthony below. I've been watching Smosh for 8 years now, and I've grown alongside their incredibly funny videos and so many others have too. From their wacky Food Battles, different haircuts, them being the most subscribed channel on YouTube and even their movies I'm happy I got to experience Smosh. Here's a...

Throwback Thursday Artist Spotlight – Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers. For many of us born in the the late 90's this was the first band we really grew up on. They were all over Disney Channel and made insanely amazing music. Let's take a trip down memory lane, here is some of the evolution in their music. Year 3000 really put them on the map. I first heard this song on Disney Channel and the world was never the same again. I played this extremely loud in my dads car, at home and sang along to it...
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