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A karaoke junkie, craft beer enthusiast and lover of all things pop culture, Denise enjoys all facets of entertainment from Broadway to box office blockbusters. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, concerts (lots and lots of concerts), volunteering, reading and playing with her rescue kitten, Samantha (who rescued who, right?). Denise currently resides in New York and is honored to be a part of the Fan Fest News team!

‘The Angry Birds Movie’ Soars With NEW Trailer

"Time to get angry!" 'The Angry Birds Movie' dropped a new trailer today and it looks AWESOME! In the trailer, we meet Red, voiced by Jason Sudeikis, and he is having a bit of a tough time. He is constantly aggravated and angry but, when some “mysterious and weird” pigs, voiced by Bill Hader, Blake Shelton and Tony Hale, arrive in his home town, he is immediately suspicious and tries to warn the rest of the birds living there. When the evil pigs steal the birds’ eggs, it’s up to...
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‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Stars On Taking Swim Tests For Season 2

AMC’s ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ sailed off into its second season with our survivors heading out to sea, fleeing from a burning and zombie infested Los Angeles. For the actors, this meant tons of training and prep work before shooting began. There are several safety measures to take into consideration when filming in a non- traditional environment so, the cast had to go through swim assessments prior to filming. The Hollywood Reporter spoke with some of the cast members about their preparations for wading into the water for season 2...
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