Casey Perriccio

Casey is a TV junkie currently living in Raleigh, NC. She studied Writing & Media Communication at James Madison University (go dukes!) and currently works in the pharmaceutical field. Constantly wanting to talk about television and learn more about her favorite shows led her to discovering the joy of recaps. From there, she combined her love of TV and writing to become a recapper for FanFest.
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‘This Is Us’ Pearson 5 Recap ‘Pilgrim Rick’

In a family TV drama no relationship is safe. It's been a pleasure watching Randall and Kevin unwrap the many layers of their complicated relationship, but something's got to give right? Another relationship will have to suffer as this one gets repaired it's just a matter of when. Well, just so happens that Thanksgiving is here for the Pearson clan and things are about to go down. Beth discovered William and Rebecca's secret in the last episode and with that big of an elephant in the room on the most...

Try Not to Cringe While Watching These Leaked BTS Videos From The Disney Channel

Remember the good ol' days of Disney Channel? There was Lizzie McGuire, Even Stevens, Sister Sister, Hannah Montana, That's So Raven, all of those classic Disney Channel Original Movies and more? I for one was a huge fan. Getting The Disney Channel on our TV was once a bribe that my parents used for me to get good grades in school. And guess what? I did. So, if you remember all of that nostalgic goodness then you definitely remember those "I'm so and so and you're watching Disney Channel" promos they would...
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