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Having studied Media & Writing at James Madison University, I always knew that I wanted to do some type of creative writing, but being able to write about zombies, Starks, and superheroes on a daily basis for Fan Fest is my actual dream. While I probably shouldn't be as proud as I am to be so similar to Nick Miller, I do hope to one day write my own "Pepperwood Chronicles'.
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Cole Sprouse Gives Some ‘Riverdale’ Intel in a Reddit AMA & Releases Huge Behind the Scenes Photo Album

If you've been watching the new CW hit Riverdale, then you are most likely a huge fan of Cole Sprouse's portrayal of Archie comic favorite, Jughead. In keeping with his hilarious and always genuinely thoughtful personality Sprouse took to the Riverdale subreddit to answer some burning fan questions about his character, the show itself, and more. Cole is also a super talented photographer (just check out his Instagram account). In addition to his AMA, Cole also released an album of over 50 behind the scenes photos that he's taken around set. Check out below to see some of the...
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23 Posts About Being in a Fandom That are Relatable AF

1. The sophomore slump is real: 2. Go big or go home: 3. When you think you can just breezily cruise on in: 4. This dilemma: 5. Trust Issues Pt. 1: 6. Why can't you just let us be? 7. Quit playing mind games, would ya? 8. A cure for fandom heartbreak: 9. This vicious circle: 10. A dramatically accurate portrayal: 11. The importance of names: 12. Trust Issues Pt. II: 13. What's your number: 14. On taking the plunge: 15. When you're in too deep:
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To Reveal or Not to Reveal? Let’s Talk About Jack’s Death on ‘This Is Us’

This Is Us has done so many things right throughout it's first season run. It has built a timeline that spans over decades, weaving together different characters, motivations, and journeys pretty flawlessly. Plus, despite all of those factors each episode manages to feel immediate and acts as a small and succinct piece to a much larger story without overwhelming the viewers. And that's where the magic of This Is Us lies - in each 45 minute chapter. In a way, looking at the bigger picture on This Is Us can take away...
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