‘The Walking Dead’: Maggie and Michonne Trading Places To Go Be With Rick?

Credit: AMC/Gene Page

.The Walking Dead is without its lead character, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), for nearly an entire year.  However, in the years of the show, it’s been approximately six years since Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) took Rick away in her military helicopter to an unknown location. Also missing from action since Rick’s departure and the time jump is Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan).  Maggie departed the Hilltop community at the same time, taking along her son, Hershel.  Rick’s location remains a mystery but are we closer to finding out where he’s now living?

The Walking Dead Season 10 mid-season finale left us with a number of cliffhangers but one was the departure of Michonne.  Michonne sailed away with Virgil on a sailboat to a military base that is located on an island.  One prominent theory is that Michonne will discover some clues that Rick is still alive and that it will set her in motion to go and look for Rick.


However, what if that’s more complicated than what may actually be happening?  Lauren Cohan’s return to The Walking Dead is clearly publicized.  Yet we’ve been teased that Maggie may be seen before Season 11.  Maggie is with a woman named Georgia. Georgie is communicating and discovering other communities.  Therefore, it is possible that she has visited the community where Rick and Jadis are now living.

We know that Jadis and Rick’s helicopter matches the helicopter in the new spinoff series, The Walking Dead: World Beyond. And, we know that Walking Dead creative leader, Scott Gimple, has confirmed that the three-circle symbol represents three communities.  The new community is featured on the new show.

This means there are three opportunities for Maggie to encounter Rick and also, potentially, hear about Rick Grimes living in the communities – that’s if Rick remembers who he is!

But why wouldn’t Maggie just send this information by letter?  It is possible that as fast as Maggie could send a letter by courier, she could just jump on a horse and relay the information herself.  It is also possible that Maggie is not aware that Eugene has a functioning radio since Eugene is not identifying himself by name when he’s speaking.


Out of a sense of urgency, Michonne takes this information and wants to immediately search the three communities for Rick.  This also supports the idea as to why she’d leave Judith (Cailey Fleming) and R.J. behind, as she can trust them with the Alexandria community but also give Maggie reason to stay back and help the community in her absence, which may later turn into a more permanent stay.

Providing Michonne the opportunity to locate Rick also buys AMC the opportunity to allow Danai Gurira to work on other projects.  The delay also allows AMC to exclude her character in the first feature film in the Rick Grimes trilogy.

What do you think the reason will be that Michonne leaves the current series? Where will she go? Why do you think Maggie returns? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. I don’t understand why Rick wouldn’t be doing everything in his power to get back to his family and potentially get Alexandria connected to wherever he is. Five years is a long time for him to be doing something else, while his family thinks he’s dead. They’ll have to do a lot of explaining to make that all plausible.

    • Me too but Maggie is embedded in my brain…when Glenn was violently murdered. She was really believable and her character is so strong. Bravo for getting rid of gregory that took courage. Two strong women is what girls need to see

  2. #1 Jadis/Anne DOES know Rick Grimes name even if Rick has amnesia. #2 Eugene DID identify himself over the radio. #3 Georgie, and by extension Maggie, as a leader of one of the communities should know of a mysterious man found half dead in Virginia, however, Carol states no letters have been received from Maggie in awhile.
    Finally, if you’re going to write about The Walking Dead at least get it right.

    • Enough of Michonne! The “romantic” relationship she and Rick had, almost ruined the show! And she was only in a “relationship”, with Rick for about a year,.and he “died'(was taken away by the helicopter ) right after Michonne magically got pregnant (on their first try, while she was about 44 years old–yeah, right, –NOT!) and he never knew about it, and now he has been assumed to be dead for over 6 years now, so they have been away from each other longer then they ever were together, or even knew of each other! That she would leave either one, or both of “her”kids, or all of her friends and responsibilities to the communities behind, to go on a search, to possibly find Rick, is a ridiculous idea, that.makez no sense. And if they are going to add her to any of the “Rick movies”, they might as well plan on losing half the audience that would have watched. People want to see an action packed, thriller about what happened to Rick Grimes in the years since he disappeared, not a a romance about him and and Michonne!! If Danai Guaria is leaving, let her leave, going “out”, with a “hero’s” deatj, saving others, or doing something so heroic that will make her remembered by everyone, just like Rick did.

  3. Yes she will go try to find Rick .

    Maggie heard that there a group who may have rick

    Maggie will not be happy Negan is not there, She wanted him dead .

    Im sure she still does

  4. I think word of Rick is why Michonne leaves. Nothing else could take her away from her kids. I can’t imagine why Maggie would want to stay if she’s got better digs with Georgie, unless she wants to help with the Whisperers. Also, Eugene finally gave up his first AND last name to the woman on the radio.

  5. This is utter bs,the show is all over the place,I quit watching after season 4,I just recently started watching again because of my granddaughter,the whisperers what a stupid concept,who would walk amongst a bunch of rotten flesh and wear dead skin on their face,smh,move on already

  6. Negan will save judith(rick’s daughter) before alpha kills her and decapitate alpha after a dramatic fight for not following alpha’s rules

  7. I love the walking dead. But honestly i stopped watching after Glen and Abraham were killed. The time jump is ridiculous. Its all over the place. I agree. The whisperers is a stupid thing. I miss Rick and Herschel…

  8. To all comments to each their own. Whats nauseating is that michonne would jump on a boat with a complete stranger going somewhere unknown possibly to run into rick who is either yet dead or has another life. Get over it michonne! – and the rest of the cast is acting utterly ridiculous now too!
    carol and darryl are the only ones since the beginning and carol is getting unhinged like saddiq did

  9. Bad story writing ever since the Whisperers came on and when Rich disappeared.

    If two words could describe the once exciting show it would be Weary and

  10. Trading off Michonne for Maggie really. I didn’t even know Maggie was even gone. After Rick and Daryl Michonne is the best character on the show. This show has gotten like old bread stale.

    I’m thinking that michonne is going to find allies to help dispose of the whispers once and for all and to find out if this new group has bombs to wipe out the big herd of walkers the whispers have been collecting all at once. She needs to find out if this new group is a potential threat for all the communities and what kind of nukes they could be harboring. I also think she is going to see if Rick or Maggie or both might be a member of this new community.
    I’m thinking Maggie might be a member of the community of the New Walking Dead show coming up and there will be another crossover show between the two shows. And maybe she’s coming back to report how many more communities she has ran across during her absents and maybe the whispers were ran out of one of these communities she ran across and she’s coming to warn them about the whispers and not realize they are already there. The whispers had to of came from somewhere. They weren’t always where they are now or they would have been seen earlier on in the show.


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