‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘The Wrath of Rama Khan’

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Supergirl Recap ‘The Wrath of Rama Khan’

Team Supergirl is attracted on two fronts as Lena and Leviathan make their move. Despite Lena revealing that she’s been using Kara all along, Kara has faith that, deep down, Lena is still good. Alex isn’t so quick to forgive, however. Lena plans to use Myriad to brainwash the world, and Alex can’t let that happen. The DEO prepares to fire upon Lena’s base. Kara wants to use Malefic instead, but Alex doesn’t think it’ll work.

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Meanwhile, Rama is trying to return to Leviathan’s good graces. He returns to their base to news that he is about to be ousted as the leader of the organization. Rama decides to go big. He uses Andrea and essentially creates another Vesuvius. Kara and J’onn deal with Rama, but the Earth bender is just too powerful. They split up, J’onn going to save Andrea while Kara continues to fight Rama. J’onn successfully frees Andrea and the volcano vanishes. Back on the surface, Andrea throws herself at Rama, and the two disappear. Back at Leviathan, Rama is removed from his position.

Myriad is about to be activated and Alex is faced with a difficult choice. She can either fire the DEO’s weapon on Lena, stopping Myriad, but killing Lena in the process, or she can use Malefic’s power to override Myriad’s waves. In the end, she gives in and allows Malefic to use his powers. It works. Lena has been defeated, for now, but she still has one more trick up her sleeve. As the authorities arrive, Lena hands Eve a gun, pinning the entire operation on her. Eve holds Lena at gunpoint and confesses to being the mastermind.

The end of the episode finds J’onn sending Malefic back to Mars. He tells his brother to meet up with M’gann. The two of them can work together to restore peace. When Malefic leaves, Monitor appears. He reveals that he released Malefic in order to test J’onn. Monitor tells him that he needed to know J’onn could turn his weaknesses into his greatest strengths. Now, J’onn is prepared for the coming Crisis. Monitor then goes to where he’s been keeping Lex. He tells him that it’s time for Lex to become the hero he was destined to be. Of course, Lex’s response is that he’s always been a hero.

Despite everything, Lena does still care about Kara. She refused to fire Kryptonite cannons on her. With the coming Crisis, though, things are about to get even more complicated. Lex had one request of Monitor and it’s about Lena. Things aren’t looking so good for Lena.

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Next week’s episode kicks off Crisis on Infinite Earths, and everything is going to change.


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