‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Dead Man Running’

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The Flash Recap ‘Dead Man Running’

Barry has accepted his fate, but decides not to tell the rest of Team Flash the truth about the crisis. He doesn’t know how to tell them, first off, but also, he doesn’t want to place that burden on them. Instead, he will help them become who they need to be once he’s gone. This week finds Barry teaming up with Killer Frost as they track a meta infected with dark matter. Following the trail connects them with Ramsey, who, even though he had a great relationship with Caitlin, clashes with Killer Frost. Barry isn’t even having the best time with Killer Frost, as she lets her anger take over when fighting Romero and almost kills him.

Barry and Ramsey have a heart-to-heart later on in which they both reveal that they are men marked for death. It’s then that Barry realizes that he is harnessing a lot of anger toward dying, and Killer Frost feels the same. Barry tells Ramsey he will help him in any way that he can. He then goes to Killer Frost and has he use her anger in a fight. It’s then that she admits her feelings. She just started living, yet now she might die. Barry tells her that she has to keep fighting despite all that and take advantage of the good moments. Romero attacks the lab, trying to get his hands on the dark matter. He is about to kill Ramsey when the doctor asks Romero to stop. Surprisingly, it works. Barry and Killer Frost later pump him so full of dark matter that he explodes.

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Meanwhile, Iris and Cisco track down a lead on a new Harrison Wells. They find him in an alley acting like Indiana Jones, and he doesn’t take kindly to them. Later, he reveals that he has come searching for a particle called Eternium. His readings spike when he is around Iris. “Nash” is quite the character, and I’m interested to see where The Flash goes with this latest iteration of Wells. The end of the episode has him return to the alley and find exactly what he’s looking for. What exactly is this Eternium?

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Barry should know by now that he can’t keep secrets from the rest of Team Flash. Killer Frost figures out that Barry isn’t going to make it through the crisis, and that’s when he admits that he doesn’t know how to tell everyone else. In the end, he comes clean. He tells them that he has to die, and there’s nothing they can do to stop it. However, he will make sure that they’re all ready for the crisis and its aftermath.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘There Will be Blood.’


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