‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Blurred Lines’

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Supergirl Recap ‘Blurred Lines’

Team Supergirl is trying to track down Malefic, but the alien has disappeared. In the meantime, Kara investigates a murder, off the record. She confronts William Day about the death, and he tries to cover it up. Kara isn’t a fan of William and this only makes her suspicion of him worse. When examining the body, Kara uncovers a spider tattoo on the man’s heart, which is something Alex has dealt with before. This leads them to Caroline O’Connor, who has been possessed by an alien. With help from James, Kara is able to subdue Caroline and extract the alien from inside. However, before they can interrogate Caroline, she is murdered by a dark shadow.

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Meanwhile, Nia helps J’onn recover his memories. They see a young J’onn and Malefic and watch as Malefic loses control of his powers and attacks children. M’yrnn fears his son’s powers and locks him up. J’onn is convinced that Malefic will get better, but the isolation caused the young man to side with the White Martians. J’onn comes out of the dream, thinking that it was M’yrnn who erased his and the other Martians’ memories. Unfortunately, Nia has another dream that reveals the truth. M’yrnn was losing his mind following the betrayal, so J’onn wiped his memory. He then took his own. Now that he knows the truth about his brother, J’onn is determined to find him. Malefic is closer than they realize.

Kelly is approached by an old friend who needs her help. While using Obsidian to discover what is wrong with Pete, he shows his true nature as Malefic, using the tech in order to regain all his Martian abilities. Because of Obsidian, however, he and Kelly’s minds end up connected, and though he shape shifts, Kelly can still see him. This makes her a target for the rogue alien. She and James decide to get away from National City until Malefic is stopped.

During the course of the episode, Kara has her first hang-out with Lena following the Supergirl reveal. She’s worried, even though Lena has “forgiven” her. Kara goes above and beyond to make the afternoon great, but Lena still seems a little off. She reveals that she’s been having nightmares and the only way to have any sort of closure with Lex, she wants to read his childhood journals. Unfortunately, they’re in federal custody. Kara tells her she can get them. Alex is adamant that Kara not go through with it, but Kara ends up stealing the journals. The end of the episode reveals Lena’s true intention as Lex hid a code for a mind-control program in his journals. With them, she is one step closer to ridding humans of the bad parts of themselves.

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Supergirl seems to be running with the central theme of acting for the sake of the greater good. Lena believes that erasing the lies and anger of humanity is for the best, but obviously, that’s what makes people people. This episode, Kara thought she was acting in order to help her friend feel better. She told herself that it was okay because she wasn’t hurting anyone. J’onn thought he was in the right when he wiped his brother from the Green Martians’ memories. So far this season, we’ve had really good character-driven episodes. I’m interested to see where the season goes and how Lena’s plan shakes out. There is also now the added mystery of the black shadow that killed Caroline.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘In Plain Sight.’


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