‘The Flash’ Recap ‘A Flash of Lightning’

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The Flash Recap ‘A Flash of Lightning’

Barry is reeling following the news that he is going to die. In the opening moments, he says that he always thought of the news article that told of his disappearance as a guide. As long as that didn’t change, it meant he was doing everything right. He also always believed that Flash was just gone, not dead. Barry decides that he has to go into the future and see what will happen, but when he goes, there is a barrier that blocks his course. Injured by dark matter, he goes to Earth-3 to seek the help of one Jay Garrick.

Jay and his wife, Joan, figure out that they can send Barry’s consciousness through the barrier and into the future. Using Jay’s Flash helmet, Barry experiences multiple futures all at once. Joan pulls the plug on the whole thing as Barry’s starts to die from the stress of it all. Jay and Joan get Barry back to Earth-1, though he is mentally and physically ill. Iris tries to convince Barry that they will figure out a way to save him in the future. Barry replies that there was only one instance where he didn’t see the deaths of those he loves. In order for that to happen, he has to die.

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Meanwhile, the rest of Team Flash are trying to solve a series of murders. Cecile takes the lead in trying to prove the innocence of Allegra Garcia, who is a meta with ultraviolet abilities. Everyone believes she is guilty, but Cecile’s gut and powers lead her to suspect that they have the wrong person. Allegra isn’t doing anything to help her case, though. Finally, Cecile is able to get the truth out of Allegra. The night of the particle accelerator explosion, Allegra and her cousin were both hit by the wave. Everyone assumed her cousin was dead, but she survived the blast. Allegra is keeping that a secret, even when Esperanza shows up and tries to kill her. The twist? Esperanza received some training in the years she was missing.

Esperanza also has the ability to shoot ultraviolet rays, and has a lot of control over her powers. It looks like she is now a part of an underground organization of ninjas, as Ralph puts it. This doesn’t bode well for Central City if there’s a group taking advantage of metahumans and making them stronger. This whole ordeal leads Cecile to come to an important revelation. Metahumans are treated more harshly than others, especially in court, so Cecile decides to become a metahuman defense attorney.

The Flash isn’t pulling its punches in the second episode of the new season. The Crisis is coming and it’s going to gravely affect all of the CW shows. The only silver lining is that Monitor tells Barry that Flash has to die, not necessarily Barry. Another speedster could take his place in the end. Barry has decided that he will do whatever it takes in order to save everyone.

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Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Dead Man Running.’


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