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‘Young Sheldon’ recap “An Entrepreneurialist and a Swat on the Bottom”

Bill Inoshita/CBS

Sheldon believes that he is Dr. Linkletter’s favorite student when in reality, he has a thing for Connie. He even asks her out in front of Sheldon so she can’t say no. Meemaw explains to Sheldon what just happened and the next day at school he calls Dr. Linkletter to confirm his motives. Dr. Linkletter, of course, lies.

When telling Meemaw the news, she says she still won’t take him to the lecture. He calls her selfish and gets spanked for it. Mary and George side with Meemaw and in turn ground Sheldon for one month after he says the same to them.

Sheldon decides to “runs away” leaving his whereabouts with Missy. He tries to go to the lecture but needs an adult to buy a bus ticket. After talking the ticket seller’s ear off, the adult buys him the ticket.

Mary, George, Meemaw, and Missy decipher Sheldon’s message and a state trooper brings him home. In an effort to apologize, Sheldon plays Star Trek episode 1×25 “The Devil in the Dark,” you, know, instead of just apologizing.


Georgie is continuing his entrepreneurial calling, this time he’s selling candy. Veronica is impressed. Georgie decides to buy her something pretty.

Georgie uses his earnings to buy Veronica a necklace and she turns it down. It’s too much and she doesn’t want him throwing money at her. He tries again, this time with a candy necklace. I think he’s winning her heart.



Georgie is so sweet, I can’t take it. I can’t wait to see what he does next to win Veronica over. This episode was great. I loved Meemaw in this episode. This storyline is getting good. And it’s about time Sheldon was grounded for talking back. I love Sheldon to death but he needs put in his place sometimes… he hasn’t even hit puberty yet. See you all next week!

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