Go Behind The Scenes With ‘The Photography of Game of Thrones’

Credit: HBO & Insight Editions

Last week, I told you about HBO’s upcoming book releases that are all centered on the creation of Game of Thrones. The first book, Game of Thrones: The Costumes will give fans an in depth look at the creation of the most iconic and intricate outfits in Westeros and beyond. Now, we have an exclusive look at the next book in the series: The Photography of Game of Thrones.

Credit: HBO & Insight Editions

Enter the world of HBO’s phenomenon with this stunning companion that showcases the definitive photographic collection of the hit series.

The book features sumptuous photography from the making of Game of Thrones. This must have offers fans a peek behind the scenes with an exclusive look at some of the shows best characters and pivotal moments.

The official principal photographer for Game of Thrones, Helen Sloan has complied the most memorable and iconic shots from her collection. Finally, fans of Game of Thrones have the opportunity to witness the gorgeous detail captured within these stunning photos.

Game of Thrones: The Photography
Credit: HBO & Insight Editions

The Photography of Game of Thrones captures in striking detail the scope and nuance of the show, celebrating a world of iconic characters, shocking moments, breathtaking locations, and much more.

The book, written by Michael Koggee, will be available on November 12th 2019 (a potential Christmas present maybe?). Make sure you grab your copy.

You can check out more exclusive images from the upcoming book right here. They are absolutely brilliant.
The Photography of Game of Thrones
Credit: HBO & Insight Editions
Credit: HBO & Insight Editions
Credit: HBO & Insight Editions

The Photography of Game of Thrones is 320 pages long and is due out in November. It will be priced at $75.

With favourite characters and moments in mind, we want to know yours. Let us know who your favourite character from Game of Thrones is and what your favourite moment is. 



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