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‘The Flash’ Preview ‘Snow Pack’

Image via CW

The Flash Preview ‘Snow Pack’

Following last week’s Nora-centric episode in which we found out why she decided to work with Thawne and come back to the past, Iris is not taking the news well that Barry sent her back home and forbid her from time traveling again. She’s upset that Barry didn’t tell her what he was planning to do as she never got to say goodbye. Yes, Barry has every right to be as angry at Nora as he is, but that doesn’t mean Iris isn’t hurting just as much. As a result, Iris decides to take matters into her own hands. With Ralph’s help, she uses the Time Sphere to go into the future to confront Nora.

Nora is not handling the whole situation very well. When Iris finds her, she is with Thawne, and I’m wondering if he is using Barry’s anger to his advantage. Nora is furious with her parents and seems to not want to listen to Iris. She asks how Barry could just throw her away like that. Her anger is fueling her powers, making her stronger, and I wonder if she will end up breaking Thawne out of prison before the countdown hits zero. She is completely one his side now. Perhaps that was his plan all along. Turn the daughter against the father. Thawne has always been about ways to break Barry, and this is definitely a way to do just that.

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