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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘Séance and Sensibility’

Legends of Tomorrow/The CW

Legends of Tomorrow Recap ‘Séance and Sensibility’

The Legends start their day supporting Nate at Hank’s funeral, but of course things can’t go smoothly. Constantine senses that Hank’s spirit is still present, and enlists Mick and Ray for help. Ray, however, gets pulled away from the mission when he is visited by Nora in a mirror. She tells him that she had nothing to do with Hank’s death, it was a powerful demon. Ray instantly believes her and decides that the best way to help Nora is by sneaking her aboard the Waverider. He gets his opportunity when Mona catches win of a magical anomaly. The ladies (and Ray) head off to England to see what’s going on. And as Charlie puts it, they find themselves in the midst of a “lust outbreak.”

Legends of Tomorrow/The CW

Turns out the Hindu god of love, Kamadeva, has appeared and is causing people to give in to their primal urges. Kamadeva catches Zari’s eye, but she tries to keep her feelings for the love god, along with her deep feelings about Nate, contained. They bring Kamadeva aboard the ship, but the love god has plans for the Legends. He releases some of his magic dust, helping them realize their truest desires. Zari breaks Kamadeva out of his prison and runs away with him to get married. During a Bollywood musical number brought about by Zari and Kamadeva’s magical journey, Mona manages to convince Zari not to get married to someone she doesn’t even know. There will be someone for her, someone who truly loves and respects her.

Meanwhile, Constantine channels Hank’s spirit, trapping it in a vessel so they can have a conversation. That vessel is Mick. He learns that Hank was murdered by his “business partner” after he revealed himself to be a demon. Neron has been pulling the strings the whole time. To make matters worse for Constantine, he comes face to face with the demon, who has assumed the form of his dead lover, Desmond.

Legends of Tomorrow/The CW

Nate is still trying to process his father’s death and how he feels about him, since their relationship has always been rocky and has only just started getting a little better, when he stumbles upon a secret room in the house. That’s where he finds a videotape of his father asking for federal funding for a theme park that holds magical creatures. Hank says that it was a dream of his son’s to be able to go to a magical theme park and he wanted to make it a reality. The creatures Hank was taking weren’t being tortured, they were being changed. And color me completely surprised by this revelation.

This episode was certainly a trip. It honestly had everything. I’m interested to see where the show is headed now that Constantine knows Neron has been pulling the strings at the Bureau. Mona is going to feel even worse than she already does about Konane’s death when she learns that he wasn’t being dragged away for torture, but I guess being locked in a cage at an amusement park is pretty bad too.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘The Eggplant, The Witch & The Wardrobe.’

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