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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘Lucha de Apuestas’

Legends of Tomorrow/The CW

Legends of Tomorrow Recap ‘Lucha de Apuestas’

The Legends are back! Last time we saw them, they were dealing with a killer puppet. Having stopped the demon, they take it to the Bureau to be locked up and learn that Mona has released the Kaupe. Ava asks for their help in tracking down the rogue pair. Mona, having been attacked by Konane, wakes up in the hospital. Gary appears to wipe her memory, not believing Mona when she says that Men in Black are the reason Konane is gone, so she fights him off, wiping Gary’s memory instead. She flees, where she is picked up by the Legends.

Aboard the Waverider, they learn where the Kaupe is: Mexico City. Konane has adopted the name El Lobo and is a luchador. The Legends want to take him back to the Bureau, but Mona continues to assert that there is a cover-up happening here. Sara tasks Zari with looking at the camera footage. Zari figures out that the video was altered and has the phone number which organized the switch. It’s Nate’s father. The only way to really prove that he did it, and see the original footage, they must have access to Hank’s phone. Nate and Zari attend a gala in order to get the phone from him. Meanwhile, the Legends extract Konane from Mexico City, and when Ava learns that Sara has them both in posession and kept it a secret, she gets really angry with Sara. To try and make ammends and tell the truth, Sara heads to the gala.

Legends of Tomorrow/The CW

At the gala, Zari and Nate get the phone, proving that the Men in Black are real and Hank altered the footage to make Mona look guilty. They also see the men abuse Konane. Sara tries to speak with Ava, trying to convince her that there is something bigger going on, but Ava won’t listen. She’s upset that Sara is putting her job in jeapordy by harboring Mona and Konane. On the Waverider, Gideon informs the remaining crewmembers that there is political unrest in Mexico City because they took El Lobo away. The citizens claim censorship on the part of the government and fighting has broken out in the streets. Ray, who was left in charge, agrees that they have to take Konane back and elevate another fighter, El Cura, in order to fix the timeline. This means teaching Konane how to lose.

Ava gets wind that El Lobo is back in Mexico City and orders her agents to take the creature down. Sara tells the Legends to not let them get their hands on Konane. They protect Konane while also restoring the timeline with El Cura as the top luchador. Ava acknowledges that the Legends fixed the timestream again, but she is incredibly upset with Sara. She asks Sara why the Legends are suddenly protecting the Fugitives when they were banishing them to Hell a few weeks ago. Ava also says that if Hank is hurting the creatures in order to figure out how to stop them and save people, she’s on his side. She breaks up with Sara.

Legends of Tomorrow/The CW

But the real twist happens at the end of the episode with our probably soon-to-be Legend Mona. While sending Konane back to where he belongs, she realizes that she cannot go with him. Mona loves Konane, but she can’t run away from her world, her own problems. She is about to send him along when an agent appears and kills Konane. In her rage, Mona transforms into a Kaupe and murders the agent. So it looks like if you are scratched by a Kaupe, you gain the ability to turn into one. I wonder how the Legends will react to this news.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘The Getaway.’