Build-A-Bear Announces A Thanos Bear


Have you ever wanted to cuddle with Thanos? Well, walking up to Josh Brolin with such a request may lead to an awkward interaction, but Build-A-Bear has a more pleasant solution.  The company recently announced the newest addition to its expansive Marvel line, and it is a powerful one…

Here’s what we know. The Thanos Bear is an online exclusive, but, like most of its other online bears, I would imagine you could request it unstuffed and take it to a location yourself to have the full BAB experience. Aside from that sweet gauntlet, you can customize Thanos with sound. The 5-in-1 sound chip will run you an extra $7, and if you want to hear those phrases, you can watch the demonstration here. It should also be noted that the voice does not appear to be Brolin’s based on that product demonstration, and the phrases themselves seem to be rather generic. Lastly, the Bear will only be available to Build-A-Bear Bonus Club Members, but the good news is that anyone can join for free.  The Bear with the sound chip will be $47, and you can order both now through the link I included for the phrases.  Be sure to be on the lookout for more Endgame merchandise as the film gets closer and closer!