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The Legends are Back in New Midseason Trailer

Legends of Tomorrow/The CW

The Legends are Back in New Midseason Trailer

Finally! Our favorite misfits are back in action for the second half of season four.

The last time we saw our time-traveling heroes, Constantine had broken everything by trying to save the life of  his love, Desmond, but managed to put it back together with the help of a reluctant Charlie. Now, the Legends must get ready to face off against the evil they unleashed when they opened the portal and let Mallus through. Neron is targeting Constantine, and is the one responsible for draggin Desmond to Hell. His powers grow stronger every day, feeding off of fear. According to Constantine, Neron aims to open the gates of Hell.

But in a time when the people call upon the “franchise heroes” to protect them, the Legends feel a bit down about all the work they do. As Nate says, the Legends are “good enough,” and they are just as capable as the Trinity. They usually managed to get the job done…with a few hiccups along the way. And it looks like the second half of the season will be no exception to the amount of craziness the Legends will face. From wrestling, to RV-ing with a kidnapped Nixon, to a Bollywood musical number, the Legends will do it all.

Legends of Tomorrow returns Monday, April 1, on The CW.