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‘The Flash’ Preview ‘Time Bomb’

Image via CW

The Flash Preview ‘Time Bomb’

Following the appearance of another Cicada last week, we learn just how this happened. Remember the Time Machine created in season one for Wells? Looks like it is a thing of the future and was used by our new Cicada, who’s true identity is Grace. Team Flash finds the pod in the woods, and wonder how it came to exist and be there. Nora looks to Wells for advice, telling him that the whole ordeal should be over. We see the timer in the trailer, and there are only 11 minutes left. Wells tells her that she needs to tell Barry the whole truth.

But that is definitely not going to go well. I think Barry and Iris have it in their hearts to forgive Nora for all the lies, but it’s going to be really difficult considering who she has been lying about. Thawne took Barry’s mother and Eddie away from Barry and Iris, ruining Barry’s childhood. Everything he has done has been for a purpose, so I’m sure Team Flash will see past whatever Nora and Wells say, looking for the deeper meaning. Is Wells just trying to save his own skin? Or is there something more going on? I’m really glad that we’re finally going to get some answers and that the truth will come out. We’re probably in for an emotional episode.