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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap “The Citation Negation”


Amy and Sheldon have been working on asymmetry and they are just about ready to publish. Sheldon wants Amy to track down the hundreds of citations while he picks the font. She wants to hire Leonard to help, but Sheldon is reluctant to do so. He concocts a test to see if Leonard can keep a secret.


Leonard passed the test and he agrees to help them. Raj passes the same test and joins Leonard in the library. They come across a Russian paper that was cited within a citation and when Howard translates it, they find that Sheldon and Amy weren’t the first to think up asymmetry. The worse part, the Russian scientists have disproved the idea of asymmetry.

Leonard tells Sheldon and Amy the bad news. Sheldon goes off the rails and breaks a whiteboard. Amy is also upset but tries to keep calm for Sheldon’s sake, but they both end up falling into a pit of depression and are inconsolable.


Howard and Raj are playing Fortnite and Bernadette wants to join in. She’s determined to play the game well, so she begins playing at work. She even enlists Denise’s help with the game. She gets wrapped up in it and keeps playing.


I enjoyed this episode, it was fun and it utilized everyone’s skills: Howard’s Russian, Penny’s video gaming and Leonard’s super asthma. The episode just seemed a little, unfinished. It just seemed to end abruptly. Will Bernie beat Howie in Fortnite? What’s next for ShAmy?