‘Supergirl’ Preview ‘Man of Steel’

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Supergirl Preview ‘Man of Steel’

Thought the title of the episode uses one of the many names bestowed upon Superman, the episode is not about him. Instead, we will be getting the backstory of Ben Lockwood, aka Agent Liberty. J’onn is in the process of investigating the disappearance of an alien friend when he winds up in the middle of an anti-alien rally being led by the masked villain. Since he is standing by his new set of ideals, J’onn will continue his investigation and only bring it to Kara and the DEO when he is sure he has solid evidence. His disposition might change when he finds out what has happened to the girl of steel.

Mercy and Otis use a dispersal machine to send Kryptonite into the atmosphere, poisoning Kara. She gets too much of it into her system, and it will take a miracle to save her life. I’m thinking that we may not get a resolution to this story line this week as we instead learn more about Liberty, so expect lots of cuts to Kara barely clinging to life. I don’t know how the team is going to get her out of this one because of how much was in the atmosphere, and I’m thinking they’re going to have to call in Lena. She might be the only one who can reverse the effects of the poison. Question is, will this finally lead Lena to the truth of Supergirl? She has to find out this season. If she doesn’t, I’m going to be rather upset with the show. It’s about time it comes out.