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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap “The Planetarium Collision”


The group goes to Raj’s lecture and the head of the Planetarium asks if Howard, being an astronaut, would want to join in on Raj’s show. Howard thinks that’d be great, but Raj isn’t as thrilled. This hurts Howard’s feelings so he goes to talk to Raj. Howard ends up accusing Raj of being scared to share the spotlight which leads to a fight. Raj eventually lets Howard join in on the show.

Raj and Howard perform their lecture and it turns into a compliment competition between the two of them. They are truly the best of friends and are proud of each other.


Amy is busy conducting a sensory study when Sheldon pops in to talk about asymmetry. She promises that when she’s done, she’ll work with him. Sheldon doesn’t like that Amy is “distracted” and goes to her boss to try to get him to free up some of Amy’s time.


Sheldon basically gets Amy taken off of her own project to focus on his, without telling her. Amy is rightfully mad. She’s invested years into this project and it’s like Sheldon doesn’t even care. Sheldon tries to pass the blame onto Amy’s boss.

Sheldon turns to Arthur for advice on how to help with his problem. Never go to bed angry. Sheldon apologizes.


Sheldon made me very mad in this episode. Actually, this whole episode made me mad. You are married now, it’s not all about you. And the head of the department had no right to authorize the “sabbatical” without Amy’s approval. I can sympathize with Amy and although I am glad they made up in the end, Sheldon needs to learn to not be as selfish.