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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Blocked’

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The Flash Recap ‘Blocked’

Barry and Nora have decided not to keep secrets from the rest of the team and come clean about the negative tachyons and why Nora came back to the future to begin with. Iris takes the news “like a champ,” but I think that the whole situation is going to start to wear on her. First, she’ll lose Barry, but also, there’s something strange between her and Nora. I’m wondering if Iris shuts down when Barry disappears, thus she wasn’t a good mother to her daughter. Since Nora is here to stay for a bit, Barry takes to training her, but she is a bit over-eager. While fighting this week’s metahuman, Blocked, Nora gets trapped in a block she can’t phase out of and is thrown across the city. Barry has to abandon the fight in order to save her. He turns to Joe for help, not knowing how to handle Nora’s enthusiasm. Joe tells him that she has only learned about her father from a museum. She’s literally seen statutes of him, so of course she’s doing everything she’s doing in order to impress him.

Meanwhile, Cisco is still broken-hearted, so Caitlin and Ralph try their best to cheer him up and help him get over Gypsy. Caitlin is kind of using this as an excuse to not focus on her own issues, having just found out that her father is still alive. Cisco knows that’s what’s going on, getting her to reveal the reason she’s so afraid to look into it. Caitlin doesn’t understand why he would fake his death, but this also means that he chose to run away from her. Perhaps this has something to do with Killer Frost and the accident she vibed. At the end of the episode, Cisco convinces Caitlin to vibe the death certificate, and she agrees. When they do so, Caitlin sees her mother.

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Barry shows Nora some of the videos of when he was just starting out. He tells her that he started out really poorly and only became who he is through a lot of hard work and dedication. When they fight Block again, Nora lets Barry do most of the work, still afraid of screwing everything up. Barry gets caught up in a block and it’s up to Nora to save him. She wears Block down, then slaps the power-suppressing cuffs on him. Cisco and Ralph appear after the fight, but it’s not over yet. Enter Cicada. He uses his lightning bolt shard to steal Block’s power. Barry then orders Nora to take Block to a hospital. Then, his, Ralph’s, and Cisco’s powers are stolen. The three then get a total beat-down. Iris, who has been investigating Gridlock’s death, recognizes the sound being made by their attacker. She yells at Barry to get away, but he can’t. Cicada is about to kill Barry when Nora reappears. She yells “Dad,” and Cicada recognizes her. He leaves the scene. Back at the lab, the team listens to the audio clip from Gridlock’s murder, saying they hear an insect-like noise. Nora says it’s like a Cicada.

The Flash/The CW

Since Cicada recognized Nora, does that mean he is also from the future? There’s no way the lightning bolt is from the present since it can steal people’s powers. Though, Cisco did get his back after a moment, so it just temporarily steals abilities. During the fight, Cicada didn’t show any signs of being a meta. He is just a powerful fighter. All I know is that I want to know about his and Nora’s connection, and am surprised that we might be getting it so early in the season.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘The Death of Vibe.’