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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap “The Tam Turbulence”


Tam emails Sheldon saying that he’ll be showing his son around Cal Tech and that he and Sheldon should meet up. He doesn’t seem thrilled. Apparently, Tam had betrayed Sheldon 20 years ago.

Howard, Raj, and Leonard call Georgie to try to figure out what happened between Tam and Sheldon. Georgie says they should check his enemies list. Tam knows what he did. They find Tam and try to get the truth out of him. Tam has no clue why Sheldon is mad.

Tam didn’t follow Sheldon to California. That’s why Sheldon is mad… They eventually make up and all is well with them.


Raj is having some trouble picking out an engagement ring for Anu. Penny and Bernadette are worried about him and feel like they should meet Anu. They make a dinner date to get to know her better.

Bernadette and Penny quiz Anu on why she went through with an arranged marriage. Her answer is really good and kind of makes Penny and Bernadette reflect on their own marriages. Anu then asks about Raj and learns some interesting things, specifically that he is just so great!


Raj is not happy with what Penny and Bernadette said. They owe it to Raj to try and do some damage control.


This episode was great. It was classic Sheldon and I missed that. I especially loved the what-if montage! How come it’s been 12 seasons before we finally hear about Tam? I love that not only do we see Sheldon’s quirks come to life in Young Sheldon, but that now we are seeing parts of Sheldon’s early life in this series. I’m hoping to see more of him.