Tim Burton Attended ‘The World of Tim Burton’ Exhibition and Revealed his Favorite Creation

CR: Naomi MC Fan Fest News

Friday I had my most significant accomplishment in my 24 years on this earth. Fan Fest News got to attend a second press conference about the exhibit ‘The World of Tim Burton.’ This time, however, my hero himself, the person that influenced me on such a young age, Tim Burton would be there.

The conference started in a fantastic place, the C-Mine in Genk, which is an old mining facility, and a lot of it is still intact including the mine shaft towers. There were buttons, handles, and machines everywhere. The location fits the Burtonesque style perfectly, and he even admitted to getting a lot of inspiration from it.

“It’s really a pleasure to be here, every place this show has been, is an experience for me. Because, it’s all different, you know? But here in this amazing building, it’s incredible! I don’t know what to look at, the artwork or, you can make a lot of great robots out of this building. It’s a beautiful building. It’s amazing; obviously, in the old days when you worked in the mine, it has a different feeling as it does now. The art building seems amazing; it’s great that it wasn’t torn down.”

CR: Naomi MC Fan Fest News
CR: Naomi MC Fan Fest News

Tim Burton was asked what his personal experience towards this exhibition was, and if there was any development in his movies or art and his personal visual style.

“When the curators first did the exhibition, what I thought was amazing at MoMA (The Museum Of Modern Arts) in New York. What I love about what they did is they showed the process of what its like to work, you know I’m not necessarily a great filmmaker or a great artist, but I just like the process of that. And so, what they did is show how something goes from your mind and kind of mutates into something else, and turns it into, you know sometimes a film, sometimes not. Sometimes a drawing, a book, or whatever. It’s just more about the fun and, it’s not so much about one type of drawing or film, it’s about it all together, and I think that’s, for me what’s kept me going, it’s that I just like to make things. So, when it turns into a film, drawing or whatever. It doesn’t really matter. I think that the exhibition sort of represents that, and kind of, you know weird, a non-linear way in why it works.”

CR: Naomi MC Fan Fest News

A little bit later he was asked what his experience was like when Jenny He and the other curators came knocking on his door with the idea of doing an exhibition on his artwork through the years.

“It was interesting when the show came first in MOMA, it was… 2009, okay? Big MoMA exhibition, I mean.. Jenny came to me and said ‘we would love to look through, you know your stuff and all. They’ll tell you better than I do, they found stuff in drawers, boxes, and closets, stuff I didn’t even remember that I had. So, to me, it was the most surreal experience I’ve ever had. I never did any of the drawings to put out to anybody, you know? I just did it for myself. They spend like, it was like an archeological dig through everything. They basically created this sort of scenario in the way it’s presented. To me, it feels like an out of body experience because, it’s like I said, it’s like hanging your dirty laundry up on your wall, you know what I mean? I never expected to see anything like this. It was very exciting and surreal; I certainly wouldn’t have done it myself.”

Someone asked Tim Burton what his favorite movie was that he ever made. He made a small grunting sound, which caused a lot of people, including me, to laugh.

“Vincent, because it’s the shortest movie, it’s 5 minutes long. It’s good if you have a short attention span.”

It’s like how Tim Burton felt when they were planning this exhibition. This for me, felt like an out of body experience, and I still can’t believe it happened. A few years ago, I would have laughed at even thinking of ever attending a press conference.

Tim Burton’s latest project, a live action Dumbo, will hit the theaters on March 29, 2019.


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