‘Bath Time With Aquaman’, Super Heroes Say Please’ and More DC Books to buy This Fall!

DC Comics/Downtown Bookworks/Morris Katz

Downtown Bookworks and DC Comics have partnered for another season full of colorful, and often inspiring books. They have announced their full lineup for the 2018 Holiday season, and these books are certainly must-haves for DC and comic loving families.

There are several children’s books, along with some that will be great collectors items for DC lovers.

Sarah Parvis/DC/Downtown Bookworks

The first title that may catch your eye is Bath Time with Aquaman. This is a children’s bath book for ages 0-3 that is likely to get the most bath-averse child soaking in the tub in no time. Throw in an Aquaman action figure that can go in the bathtub with the book, and your child will soon be having dreams of doing deep dives with his bath time buddy. One of the charming pages says, “Aquaman loves being in the water, do you?” YES WE DO. The whole concept is completely adorable. It’s written by Sarah Parvis with artwork you may recognize!


Sarah Parvis/DC/Downtown Bookworks
There is also another children’s book for ages 0-3, which focuses on manners. It’s a board book called Super Heroes Say Please written by Morris Katz. We can imagine this becoming a staple children’s book.
Morris Katz/DC/Downtown Bookworks
On one of the pages, Batman and Superman show how to properly and politely greet each other.
Morris Katz/DC/Downtown Bookworks

On another page, Katz writes a bit satirically,

“Batman and Robin take turns spinning the Penguin around on his umbrella. It’s always polite to take turns. (It’s extra polite to let your friend go first.)”

It features Superman and Wonder woman practicing “Thank you” and “You’re Welcome” on another. Both of these books will hit stores in October.

Once again joining the lineup for ages 6 and up is a great girl power book! this one is a workbook called Girl Power Brain Boosters also by Sarah Parvis. It’s full of fun activities involving all those kick-butt female superheroes that will keep a young one busy for hours. It’s colorful and empowering, and the perfect step up from the generic workbooks you can find.
Sarah Parvis/DC/Downtown Bookworks
Sarah Parvis/DC/Downtown Bookworks
(This would go great with last year’s Color Me Powerful, a coloring book with the same theme.)
Next up is The Big Book of Super Hero Bedtime Stories! Once bath time with Aquaman is over, you can dive into these super sleepy stories. They are written by Noah Smith for ages 4 and up! This book will release in November.
DC/Noah Smith/Downtown Bookworks
DC/Noah Smith/Downtown Bookworks
After reading about Superman and Black Canary’s busy days, along with Bumblebee’s exhausting escapades, your little hero is bound to drift off to a sleep full of dreams of saving the city.
Super Hero Science is also an option for the bookworm age 6 and up who wants to learn! Jennifer Hackett writes about how gravity affects Superman’s jumps and if Kryptonite could be real. It explores whether or not Wonder Woman’s lasso could actually be unbreakable! (It may soon be possible with a substance called graphene, the book says.) Super Hero Science releases in November as well.
Jennifer Hackett/DC/Downtown Bookworks
Finally, there is The Big Book of Super Villains by Morris Katz.
If you need an encyclopedia with bright retro art of all the DC villains imaginable, this book is a must-have for any DC fan. It is primarily for children ages 4 and up, but it may also be perfect for cos-players who need accurate images handy. This one is available for purchase now!
Morris Katz/DC/Downtown Bookworks
The books are all published by Downtown Bookworks, and will be available at your comic or bookstores throughout the Fall months through Simon & Schuster and Diamond Comic Distributors!
You can purchase them directly as they roll out on various websites, and you can find purchase links to Amazon and Barnes and Noble here. Prices will range from $9.99 to $16.99!
Which of these books will you be purchasing?