Deadpool’s Inner Dolly Parton is Showing in Announcement video

Deadpool on Tour CR: 20th Century Fox - Marvel

If you thought the marketing strategies for Deadpool couldn’t get any weirder after the SDCC stunt they did (which you can see below), then you definitely thought wrong. On the 18th we saw a tweet appear on the internet that made us laugh horribly. Deadpool put the ‘poo’ part of his name into use, and this was the result.

After this classic Deadpool moment to promote their Blu-Ray and Digital release, they now made another announcement for the Super Duper Cut. As the longer movie will debut today at SDCC, but there were no details so far if it would get an extra release in theaters.

Groupies get ready because with Dolly Parton blaring in the background, Fox made a music video to ‘9 to 5‘ to announce that the Super Duper Cut is on tour. It seems that the before the release on Blu-Ray and digital, the Super Duper cut will make a tour that won’t stay in the country. If we believe the music video (because that’s what it indeed is), then even Europe will be enjoying it. This video doesn’t say anything though, as it’s a funny concoction that Fox put together and we don’t know what it means until someone gives us a proper announcement.

What do you think of the announcement? Do you think we’ll get to see the Super Duper Cut before it’s Blu-Ray and Digital release? Let us know in the comments below.

Deadpool 2 will arrive at your home on Digital on August 7, and on Blu-Ray on August 21.