5 Clothing Gift Ideas for the Geeky Dad this Father’s Day

CR: Universal Pictures / Fan Jackets

Father’s Day is closing in by the second, and if you have a father like mine, you are probably having some trouble finding the perfect gift for him.

1. New Math Incredibles 2 T-Shirt

Incredibles 2 New Math For Life T-Shirt For Men by Fan Jackets

Is your father your superhero in your life? Then this shirt is perfect for him.

2. Elastigirl Logo – Incredibles 2 T-Shirt

Incredibles 2 Elastigirl Logo T-Shirt For Men by Fan Jackets

If you know your dad is more of a fan of Elastigirl, you can always buy him this grey shirt with Elastigirl’s logo on it.

3. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom T-Shirt

Mens Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Shirt by Fan Jackets

If your father is less into the animated movies, and more into the dinosaur era, and he’s a fan of Chris Pratt (because, come on, who isn’t?), then this simple Jurassic World shirt will do the trick.

Is your father more of a Star Wars fan, and is this one of the things that you often bond over? Then we have two things left that any Star Wars fan would love!

4. Solo: A Star Wars Story Logo T-Shirt

Solo: A Star Wars Story Logo T-Shirt by Fan Jacket

This beauty is simple, yet makes it clear you’re a fan, and any Star Wars loving father would love to have this!

5. Solo: A Star Wars Story Jacket

Solo A Star Wars Story Brown Suede Leather Jacket by Fan Jackets

The next one is one of my personal favorites, and I’m wondering how much I would pull this off myself as a girl. This jacket matches perfectly with the previous T-Shirt and is perfect for your father to call out his inner Han.

You can find all these and more on!

We hope with this Father’s Day gift guide you find the perfect gift for the hero in your life!