Pull List- Mega Edition w/ Superman 1000, Infinity Countdown, & Mister Miracle

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Geeklings, a very Happy New Comic Book Day to you all, and what a New Comic Book Day it is! Seriously, today is bursting at the seems with must buy books. This morning I started to outline this column, organizing the books I wanted to mention, and I discovered there were far too many books to leave off. I couldn’t do it. I thought about doing two Pull Lists today but that seemed like overkill. Especially when I could just make one mega Pull List, which is what you have before you Geeklings. Today the rules of the Pull List are a little different. Instead of giving you five books that you need to read and two honorable mentions we’re going to do ten (!!!need to read books and skip honorable mentions entirely.


That’s right, the moon and stars have aligned giving us access to the very rare, super awesome Mega Pull List (said in a booming voice that comes down from the heavens. I didn’t want to say god voice but you know… a god voice). With that being said though we don’t have time to mess around as there are a ton of books we need to cover. Don’t be surprised if write-ups are a little shorter this week. I’m trying to give you the most bang for your buck.

Here we go. It’s time to comic book!

DC Entertainment

1. Action Comics #1000- Can you believe that Superman has been around for eighty years?! Eighty. Freakin’. Years. I haven’t been shy in saying how Supes isn’t one of my favorite heroes but even I can’t deny how tremendous this is. Superman, to a lot of people, is the pinnacle of superheroes. The icon. The one that hovers over all the others and DC looks to celebrate this massive milestone with a massive comic. Here we have an eighty-page book, one for each year apparently, with a number of stories from a number of different writers. We’ve got DC heavy hitters like Geoff Johns, Tom King, Scott Snyder, and Paul Dini all penning different tales along with the DC introduction to Brian Michael Bendis whose story is kick-starting a new direction for Supes. Action Comics #1000 is a celebration of the superhero of all superheroes and even brings back the red underoos to the costume. What more could you ask for?


2. Infinity Countdown #2– I really enjoyed the first issue of this as it read like Duggan’s Guardians of the Galaxy series and moved at a steady pace with some pretty big reveals. As far as reveals go it seems that Ultron is in possession of one of the Infinity Stones and looking for more and Black Widow, presumed dead at the end of Secret Empire, is actually alive and kicking. The hunt for the Infinity Stones is on and it is covering all ends of the Marvel Universe… even the DC Universe if you caught that Captain Marvel easter egg last issue. What better way to get ready for Infinity War than with a Marvel Infinity Stone event?

DC Entertainment

3. Mister Miracle #8– Going to be short and sweet here. Best. Comic. On. The. Shelf. Seriously, not kidding even a little bit. I don’t know if I currently have the words to fully capture what is so tremendous about Tom King’s Mister Miracle series but man, this freakin’ book. Scott and Big Barda are now parents but there’s still a war with Darkseid that has to be addressed. You know, Darkseid is. Read this. Right now. This is one that will be remembered for its brilliant storytelling, art, and feels. It’s everything that makes comic books amazing.


4. Poe Dameron #26- Impatiently waiting for the next Star Wars film? Yeah, me too. Good news though! You don’t have to wait forever. Issue #26 of Poe Dameron actually picks up with new material directly following The Last Jedi. If that’s not a reason to grab this one I don’t know what is.


5. Tales of Suspense featuring Hawkeye & The Winter Soldier #104–  Remember in spot number two I told you that the Black Widow was back from the dead? If not feel free to re-read that… back? Well if you’re wondering how that happened then you need to be reading Tales of Suspense because it’s got you covered and things are complex. We’re talking clone levels of complexity. The Red Room is a bad place my friends. Also, Hawkeye and the Winter Soldier are the team up you didn’t know you needed in your life but I’m here to tell you that you do. It’s incredible.

Boom! Comics

6. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #26– Last issue started the first ever Power Rangers comic crossover, “Shattered Grid”, and boy did it deliver. One of your all-time favorite Rangers is in a bad, bad place. Yes you. You specifically. While a Ranger clings to life, Lord Drakkon looks to mess up the multiverse. This is the Power Rangers story you’ve been waiting for.


7. X-Men Gold #26– Come on, we may be comic fans but it doesn’t mean we’re not hopeless romantics either. Kitty Pryde and Colossus are finally getting married. While I shipped her relationship with Star Lord pretty hard, #notashamed, I’m more than happy to see her and Peter say “I do”. It makes my mutant loving heart sing with happiness. Buy this one for love… or don’t buy it. I’m not the boss of you.

Dark Horse Comics

8. Black Hammer: Age of Doom #1- Quick confession, I haven’t read any Black Hammer yet. I knoooooow, but I’m getting to it. Thanks to Comixology’s Unlimited I’m catching up on a whole bunch of books I haven’t been able to read because my wallet has limits. Or so it tells me. There are a number of people who will tell you that Black Hammer is some of the best superhero stories being told and from what I’ve been reading on the series I’m intrigued. Age of Doom looks to expand the universe even further and picks up where we last left off. With a new Black Hammer. But who? Read and find out. Or do what I’m doing, start at the beginning and work your way down.

DC Entertainment

9. Batman #45- Speaking of weddings, Batman has one on the horizon himself but before that can happen him and his bride to be, Catwoman, need to go on a time travel adventure with Booster Gold. Seriously folks, I read the synopsis of this book and it’s like the inception of time traveling. There are a lot of Booster Golds that need to be stopped and a lot of different time periods to stop them. That and this new arc promises to lead to something pretty epic down the line which means it’s not a throwaway story before the big wedding. Plus it’s written by Tom King which makes it a must-read.


10. Amazing Spider-Man #799- Dan Slott’s Spider-Man run is almost over and he is giving us one hell of a Goblin story to close it out. The Red Goblin is a force unlike anything Spider-Man has had to deal with before concerning Norman Osborne. It’s time to call in the reserves. Will these Spider friends be enough to help stop the Red Goblin or is Norman going to inflict more pain in the life of Peter Parker as a Slott parting gift? Either way, this conclusion is looking all types of epic.

Phew. We did it. We made it. Ten books in one mega edition of the Pull List. What do you think Geeklings? Did we leave anything off? Maybe? Probably not. These are the books you need to be getting your mitts on. What a tremendous New Comic Book Day it is. In the off chance that I left anything off the list the comments are yours. If you’d like to talk more comics with me then you can find me on Twitter @imgeek32. In the meantime, happy reading and many huzzahs! See you all next week!


Images from Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and Boom! Comics.