Fan Made Song ‘The Losers Club’ Is the newest, catchiest ‘IT’ Trend!

Image: The CW

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head for like 5 hours straight? Well, that is the kind of day I have been having today.

While watching Andrew Muschietti’s IT after work today, I found myself on Youtube… looking for my nerdy fill while I wait for some semblance of news for Part 2. While scrolling, I found the perfect video. For all of my fellow IT fans out there… and Smashmouth fans…. this video is absolutely for you!

Youtube user Aaron Frasher-Nash has taken a classic 90’s song and turned it into something truly creative and wonderful. Not only did he piece together the video perfectly, he also came up with extremely creative lyrics.

Check out the video below:


Although no official cast list has been announced, IT Part 2 is set for a release date of September 6, 2019.