‘This Is Us’ Creator Is at It Again with New Film ‘Life Itself’


If you’re intrigued by This Is Us, the emotional NBC television series sweeping the nation one tear at a time, but aren’t quite sure you’re ready to commit to the potential sobfest, you’re in luck! This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman has a brand new movie coming out called Life Itself that is sure to be an emotional whirlwind as well, but this one will only be 2 hours – not two seasons. It’s basically This Is Us: The Movie, so start preparing yourselves now.

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Coming from Amazon Studios, Life Itself stars Oscar Isaac and Olivia Wilde as a couple whose journey is intertwined with a group of people ranging from New York to Spain and how all of their lives intersect over the course of different generations thanks to one mysterious tragic event. After This Is Us, you can sign us up for any Dan Fogelman story that spans over the course of various generations, and you can double sign us up if it stars Oscar Isaac.

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 “Strange to think about how a completely random moment would shape my entire life,” Isaac’s character says in the trailer.

Could that random moment have anything to do with the short clip of a young girl in a car with shattered glass flying in front of her?

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The film also stars Oliva Cooke, Annette Benning, Samuel L. Jackson, Mandy Patinkin, and Antonio Banderas and will premiere on September 21. Take a look at the official trailer below and let us know your thoughts!