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‘The Walking Dead’s’ Austin Nichols Returns to The CW With New Pilot


The Walking Dead and Bates Motel alum Austin Nichols is heading back to The CW to star in an all-new pilot titled In the Dark! It’s actually a welcomed return home for Nichols who played the talented director Julian Baker on the network’s long-running and beloved teen drama One Tree Hill for six seasons.


In the Dark follows a young blind woman named Murphy (played by Perry Mattfeld) who is the only ‘witness’ to her drug-dealing friend, Tyson’s, murder. However, her statement and story are quickly dismissed by law-enforcement, which forces her to take matters into her own hands – with her dog Pretzel of course. On top of being a one-woman crime solver, she’s also trying to juggle her dating life and a terrible job at her parent’s company, Breaking Blind, a school for guide-dogs.

Nichols will be playing Dean, a cop put on the case after Murphy claims to have discovered Tyson’s body in an alley. Dean’s talents at solving crimes aren’t the only reason he’s put on the case though – his young daughter is also blind.

While many will recognize Nichols from his One Tree Hill post, he most recently starred on The Walking Dead as Spencer Monroe and Bates Motel as Sam Loomis.  It’s not certain whether or not In the Dark will be picked up to series, but we sure are glad to see Nichols back at The CW and finally in a well-deserved leading role!

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