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20 Times Jack and Rebecca Pearson Proved Every Day is Valentine’s Day

When Jack promised to be a 12:

When he gave her the moon necklace:

When she never gave up on him:

When they had the cutest courthouse wedding of all time:

When Rebecca did her annual Birthday dance for Jack:

When they played Stevie Wonder for the Big Three babies and they kicked for the first time:

When they were each other’s miracles:

When Rebecca flipped the script on Jack:

When Jack rented out their old apartment for their anniversary:

When Rebecca promised to never abandon the kids without him:

When Jack helped her across the bridge:

When Rebecca asked him to teach her football:

When Jack saw the vision of their family home and made it happen, even if that meant asking his dad for help:

When Rebecca immediately supported Jack’s desire to start Big Three Homes:

When they decided to go into business together:

Jack’s Favorite Tree:

When Rebecca never wasted a moment to compliment Jack to others:

Not one moment:

When the two had a little fun on the night of the Super Bowl resulting in the Big Three:

And lastly, when Jack was sick but shoveled the driveway so Rebecca’s mom would leave:

Basically, these two are the epitome of #relationshipgoals and even though Jack isn’t around anymore their love still burns bright. 

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