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30 Times Norman Reedus Rocked Both the Red Carpet & Our Hearts

It goes without saying that by now we’ve all fallen in love with Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead and the extremely talented and always charming guy who plays him – Norman Reedus.

But outside of Daryl’s priceless one-liners and lone wolf persona, Reedus can also get pretty swoon-worthy on the red carpet:

Image result for norman reedus red carpet gif

And in real life:

Image result for norman reedus funny gif

So what better way to spend your day than looking at a list of the 30 times that Norman rocked both the red carpet and our hearts? Take a look below!

Image result for daryl dixon binoculars

1. When he accepted The Walking Dead’s 2014 People’s Choice Award for Best TV Cable Drama.

Gregg Deguire

This show already deserves more awards, but we deserve more photos of Norman holding awards.

2. When Daryl held baby Judith…I mean, come on. 

The only gif that has proven to immediately brighten your day.

3. When he and Diane Kruger made their red carpet debut at the 2018 Golden Globes.

Christopher Polk/NBC

And he wore both a Times Up and a He For She pin to support the Me Too movement.

4. And again at the Critics Choice Awards.

Jon Kopaloff

Watch them fall in love in the movie Sky, which you can get on Amazon here.

5. When he rocked some flower power while modeling for Gap.



6. When he showed up on The Venetian red carpet for the sole purpose of staring into your soul. 

Dimitrios Kambouris

7. When he crashed a Game of Thrones fan’s photo-op, making us all eternally jealous of those fans but ecstatic that the photo exists at all.

Facebook/ Norman Reedus

Jon: “The dead are coming for us all.”
Tyrion: “Why don’t you figure out what to do about my missing fleet and murdered allies, and I’ll figure out what to do about your walking dead men.”

8. When he went for this sleek blackout look at The Walking Dead Season 8 premiere.


9. And rocked this adorable lil‘ bowtie at The Walking Dead Season 4 premiere.

Frazer Harrison

10. When he glitter-bombed Andy’s car.

Watch the prank in all of its shimmering glory here.

11. And posted this on his birthday:

12. Okay. Basically his entire bromance with Andrew Lincoln.


13. When he fashionably rocked a Chandler Bing sweater vest at the 2013 Emmy Awards.

Frederick M. Brown

14. And somehow managed to flawlessly pull off like three different trends at once.

Jemal Countess

15. When he casually rode in a pedicab.


It’s obviously the only effective way to escape a walker herd.

16. When he managed to pull off a plaid flannel shirt with a suit. 

Frazer Harrison

17. When he spoke out and stood up for bullying with his son, Mingus.

Image result for norman reedus bullying

18. We can’t thank AMC enough for this photo of Norman and JDM at The Walking Dead season 8 premiere. 

Jason LaVeris

19. And Morgenthal Frederics for knowing that only Norman could make eyewear look this fan-freaking-tastic.

20. When he rocked this super sharp navy checkered suit at the Season 5 premiere. 

Frazer Harrison

Andrew Lincoln is an added and always welcomed bonus.

21. Any time Norman Reedus is with any type of animal our hearts completely burst.

Mark Seliger

22. Especially his cat. 

23. But here is Norman holding a puppy just to appease all parties.

24. When he attended John Varvatos’ 5 Years on the Bowery event.

Theo Wargo

As much as we love a dressed up Norman, we have to admit that his casual wear is always on Daryl point.

25. When AMC answered our prayers and gave us Ride so now we get a whole extra hour of Norman every week.

Catch Ride With Norman Reedus Mondays on AMC!

26. When he graced the 2015 AMAs red carpet with this grey ensemble.

Mark Davis

27. And of course, we can’t forget where he initially stole our hearts… Boondock Saints. 

28. When he attended Spike TV’s 2016 Guys Choice Awards because you can’t have a Guys Choice Awards without Norman Reedus. 

Mike Windle

He appropriately presented the Outlaw Award.

29. And how can we forget when he showed up to The Walking Dead season 6 premiere looking like this.


30. And lastly, when he was literally perfect while modeling for Prada. 

Thankfully, The Walking Dead returns on February 25th and Norman will once again grace our televisions every Sunday!


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