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‘The Flash’ Preview ‘When Harry Met Harry…”

The Flash Preview ‘When Harry Met Harry…”

It’s time for Ralph to begin his superhero training, and it’s going to be a much different experience than when Barry trained Wally. Ralph is not the most heroic person around and I think he’s going to be all about finding the easiest way to solve a problem (which can be a good or bad thing). We already get a little of that in the trailer when he just reflects the bullet back at the mugger. Didn’t put any thought into that. Ralph also gets a suit, but it is less than ideal. I think they’re just messing with him to make sure he’s serious before presenting him with a a fancy suit. What’s really exciting about this episode is that we’re going to meet the Council of Wellses, a collective of the brightest Harrison Wellses from across the Multiverse. I can’t wait to see what Tom Cavanagh does with so many Wellses.

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