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Michigan police threaten to spoil ‘Stranger Things’ if you land in jail

Courtesy: Netflix

Everyone has heard about ‘Stranger Things’, including the East Lansing Police Department, located in a small town in Michigan. They had the clever idea to use the excitement around the show to threaten potential offenders.

Last weekend, the Spartans and the Nittany Lions met in a fierce football match. At every sporting event, the East Lansing Police prefer to warn fans to watch their behavior. This time, to calm supporters down after a fight has likely nearly burst, the city authorities have decided to warn the troublemakers. Not because it will go on their record, not because they may broke the law or they could hurt someone, but because they’ve posted “Stranger Things 2” spoilers on the cells walls.

Did this Police Department just discovered how to maintain order thanks to Pop Culture ?
At least, they have the merit of knowing how to be really disuasive!

As a reminder, the entire season is now available on Netflix.


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