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Kara is Fully Embracing Her Role as Supergirl in Latest Season 3 Promo

Kara is Fully Embracing Her Role as Supergirl in Latest Season 3 Promo

The Season 2 finale found Kara in a dark place as she was forced to make a choice between stopping the Daxamite invasion and living a happy life with Mon-El. He left and Kara began to realize that she really couldn’t have it all. Her role as Supergirl means that she has to make the hard choices and always fight for the greater good. And that has taken its toll.

In the promo, Kara says that she has lived as Kara Danvers for 15 years and now knows that she can no longer be that person. Supergirl is what makes her who she is. So is Kara going to completely abandon her human persona, her relationships, and career to be Supergirl full time?

Season 1 was about Kara becoming Supergirl, Season 2 about finding that balance, and now Season 3, I believe, is going to focus on her just being Supergirl. But I think she’s going to come to realize that she needs a little bit of normalcy in her life. Regardless of how she currently feels and the dark place she is in, Kara Danvers is just as important to her as Supergirl is. Unfortunately, it’s probably going to take a lot of heartache before she realizes this.

Supergirl returns Monday, October 9, on The CW.

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