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Preview: ‘Jerry Before Seinfeld’

Unless you’ve were locked in a closet during the 90’s, or lost somewhere deep in the jungles of Borneo, you know the name Jerry Seinfeld. Well, he’s back for a one hour Netflix special titled, Jerry Before Seinfeld which gives a look into his early years of comedy, with home movies, interviews and early jokes. This marks the first special he has done since his 1998 HBO show, I’m Telling You For The Last Time. The special takes place at The Comedy Strip in New York City, which was where his career as a comedian took off. Check out the trailer below:


The Seinfeld Netflix special is one of two promised from the comedian, and later this year, he will also be bringing his Crackle show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee to the streaming service with 24 new episodes as well as the entire back catalog of shows. Seinfeld will also be developing scripted and non-scripted shows for the service as Netflix continues to fill its roster of comedians doing specials and shows for them. Jerry Before Seinfeld streams on Netflix, September 19, 2017.

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