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Negan Proves Taylor Swift isn’t the only one with a Reputation

While the world of pop music anxiously awaits the release of Taylor Swift’s new single and subsequent album – titled Reputation, the world of pop culture got a little treat from The Walking Dead on Instagram.

The post was a photo of Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan with a play on the photo Taylor posted on social media yesterday.

The look on his face proves that Taylor Swift isn’t the only one with a reputation, and Negan’s – correctly, we might add, precedes him. He’s strong, he takes no shit, he doesn’t ask permission, he leaves a wake of blood and tears wherever he goes, and he just can’t be bothered with anything or anyone but himself and his name.

If that’s not the definition of a man who’s a bit self obsessed and concerned with his reputation, we don’t know what is.

Fans of Taylor Swift won’t be waiting long to find out what she truly thinks about her reputation but fans of Negan, well, we already know.


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