‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ Season 3 Will Probably Be Pushed Back

Bruce Campbell attended Walker Stalker Convention Boston this weekend and hosted a panel with Ted Raimi, which promptly turned into a variety show. The two took folks up onto the stage and had the audience judge them, including the nose flute, fast-talkers, and comedians.

After the show, Bruce answered a couple questions from fans. He was asked about the premiere date for Ash Vs. Evil Dead his response wasn’t definite, but it definitely sounds like the wait for the third season premiere is about to get longer.

“We don’t know. Starz is making up their mind. They might move it. They might move it later. Happens all the time.”

Season 3 is rumored to be huge, and although still be mixed humor and horror, it will take a deeper turn. He was in a good place when season 2 ended, but teases that it can’t last forever. Campbell recently said that Ash does need to have his character arc. We can expect his journey to be taken seriously in season 3, where some people try to help him. But do they succeed?

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