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WATCH: All the Best Moments from the First 99 Episodes of ‘The Walking Dead’ in Under 4 Minutes

99 amazing, action-packed episodes and counting!  AMC and The Walking Dead are gearing up to celebrate their monumental 100th episode by taking a look back at the journey so far.

It all started just a few weeks ago when the cast got together and created a heartfelt video thanking fans for their undying support.  Last week, The Walking Dead social media pages took a look back at the most jaw-dropping moment from the very first episode – the moment when Rick sees his first walker, the teddy bear girl, and discovers just how much the world has changed since he was in his coma.

This week, the series is taking a look back at all  99 episodes throughout the years via the below YouTube video.  In less than 4 minutes, the video takes fans on a journey back to the very beginning showing Rick in the hospital just waking up, his first meeting with Morgan, his reunion with Carl and Lori, the CDC, Hershel’s barn, the prison, the Governor, the flowers, etc.  All the way up to the current conflict which is plaguing the group, Negan and the Saviors.

It’s hard to not get a little emotional while taking a look back and seeing just how far our favorite group of survivors has come, how far they still have left to go and to reflect on our favorite characters that we lost along the way.  We’d be lying if we didn’t say we got a little misty-eyed when Glenn and Abraham appeared in the video below.  If you’re a hardcore fan, maybe have a tissue or two close by, just in case.

Check out the 99-episode compilation below.  What is your most favorite moment from The Walking Dead so far?  Let us know in the comment section below.

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