Ashley Campbell pens Emotional Tribute to her Father Glen Campbell

The music industry lost a brilliant voice and a bright light yesterday when news broke that Glen Campbell passed away after a brave fight against Alzheimer’s. He was diagnosed with the heartbreaking disease in 2011 but didn’t let it define him, instead, he took the situation into his own hands.

Glen went on a farewell tour and also penned a touching song titled ‘I’m not going to miss you’ which stood as a type of goodbye letter to those he loved. He was also the subject of a documentary which followed the tour, the story around that song, and his decline as the disease progressed. If you’ve seen the film you know that it also showed how music has a saving grace, it gives a home and a legacy to those who are brave enough to tell their stories.

Glen’s daughter Ashley followed in his musical footsteps which made their bond even stronger. She took to social media with a sweet homage to her father, their hands intertwined, as she said her last goodbye.

‘He will be remembered so well and with so much love.’ The statement sums up the most important personal legacy Glen could have hoped for. His family won’t remember the days that he struggled or the times the disease stole parts of him away, they won’t remember the sorrow or the goodbyes. Instead, they’ll remember his strength and his compassion and the love he showered them with, who could ask for anything more?



Ashley Dye
'...but I knew him'