OMG! Some of the Disney Princess Movies are Coming Back to Theaters

Grab an animal sidekick and head to the theater because Disney just announced that they plan to release 6 Disney Princess movies back into theaters for the Dream Big, Princess  marathon that will be running from September 8 through October 13.

Dreams really do come true!

While a few of the films will be playing specifically at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, Disney has also worked with 304 AMC theaters across the country to make sure that you have the chance to relive the magical experience that you were probably too young to remember the first time!

Each movie will run for one week with 14 show times (2:00 & 6:00), but you can start buying tickets now at AMC!

Here is the lineup:


Coming to the El Capital Theater on September 29.


Coming to the El Capitan on Sept. 22 and AMC Theatres on Sept. 29.


Coming to AMC Theatres on Sept. 22.

The Princess and the Frog

Coming to the El Capitan on Sept. 15 and AMC Theatres on Oct. 6.


Coming to the El Capitan on Sept. 8 and AMC Theatres on Oct. 13.

Beauty and the Beast

Coming to AMC Theatres on Sept. 15.

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