5 Life Lessons we learned from ‘The Avengers’

Image: Marvel/MCU

The other day I was enjoying some delightful Chinese food with my boyfriend and couldn’t help but get excited when we were delivered fortune cookies! Not only are they super delicious, but I always enjoy the little ‘life tip’ that is inside of them. Although the one I got the other day, I wouldn’t quite call a fortune. It read, “my stomach is like a coo-coo cock, it ticks and makes a noise when it is hungry”. Uh… what?

So although I may not always get the most majestic fortune from those cookies, I highly enjoy them. Just like movies! Movies have all sorts of life facts in them, like… The Avengers for example!

  • Men in Suits who use your penthouse elevator after 9PM have an agenda

PHIL! We all love Phil, right? I mean as much as we would love to have Phil come and visit us for a cup of coffee (or glass of beer), you can bet that if he’s visiting you that late… he’s got some sort of agenda or mission for you. So if you’re looking to head to bed early that night, lock your elevator up… or get a better security person. (We are looking at you, Jarvis!)


  • Even superheroes see stuff that they can’t believe they are seeing


You can fly, turn into a big green monster, or survive being frozen for 70+ years… it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. There is still plenty of weird stuff out there. I mean, scientists say we only know about 10% of what is in the ocean right? (Darn you, Shark week!)


  • It never hurts to have a spare….


Whether it is a punching bag… a box of tissues… or a cookie, it never hurts to have a spare anything.


  • ‘We Have a Hulk’ is the ultimate Mic Drop Statement


No matter what size Army that Loki or any other villain has, you can instantly shut down that person by stating ‘we have a hulk’. Although if your boss is the person who is trying to agitate you, I wouldn’t recommend it. Maybe buy them a coffee or something like that… or give them a hug.


  • All Great Battles should be celebrated with a Victory Meal


Whether it is Shwarma, Pizza or… well, anything really… hard work pays off! Enjoy a nice meal after a hard battle!

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